Audimus FMEA Analyse Tool, die Excel basierte Software lässt Sie eine optimale FMEA Annalyse durchführen. Auf Wunsch stellen wir Ihnen auch hcohprofessionelle FMEA Moderatoren.
Audimus FMEA Designer - The all in one solution for the automotive industry

Perform FMEA with ease and spend up to 75% less of your budget.

100% AIAG and VDA compliant according to the specifications of the new harmonized manual!

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Carrying out the FMEA correctly with conventional alternatives can be complicated, expensive and time-consuming.

Too high software costs

Often the use of software database systems is very expensiveHigh, running costs are produced - let’s not forget the expenses for your employees, their time and extensive training.

Complex and unclear

Alternative solutions are not easy and intuitive to use! Training for your employees consumes high resources due to complexity.
With employee turnover, skills in operating these elaborate software tools are also lost.

Not AIAG and VDA compliant

In general, unconventional database systems are not transparent and tested. Therefore, it is questionable whether other options and softwares even meet the requirements according to AIAG & VDA. 

Finally analyze fast and easy while saving resources. NEW: Save costs and time easily with the FMEA Designer.

Audimus' modern, efficient AIGA and VDA compliant Excel tool for the automotive industry is currently the only solution to meet the new demands in an optimal way. Easy-to-follow innovative VBA-based Excel tool, including training and support. Audimus FMEA Designer gives you everything you need to meet the demands of the automotive industry - and costs only a fraction of other software and database solutions.

Benefit 1: High acceptance thanks to simple operation

The FMEA Designer fulfills 100% all standards and requirements. Accordingly, the tool is AIAG and VDA compliant because there is no mixing of product FMEA and process FMEA. FMEA certification can be performed 100% correctly.

Benefit 2: approx. 30% resource

Significant reduction of the required internal resources by approx. 30% by introducing the Audimus FMEA Designer. The FMEA Designer is 100% audit compliant and is the benchmark in the field of Excel solution.

Benefit 3: 100% audit compliant

The FMEA Designer fulfills 100% all standards and requirements. Accordingly, the tool is AIAG and VDA compliant because there is no mixing of product FMEA and process FMEA. FMEA certification can be performed 100% correctly.

The comprehensive overall solution covers the harmonized
FMEA optimally as per AIAG and VDA.

If desired, our complete package will get you to your goal within 4 weeks. Our experts provide FMEA facilitation, methodology, support and training. We at Audimus can set up, moderate, and implement your FMEA while also coaching your staff. Other IT providers offer you only the software at higher prices.

up to 75%

Result 1: Save up to 75% of the costs

Through the simple use of the "Audimus FMEA Designer" it is now possible to save up to 75% of the actual costs. Of course, the result corresponds, despite the low price, to the standard of the latest requirement profile of the automotive industry.


Result 2: Simple implementation

In addition to a ready-made FMEA according to the latest requirements profile, you receive the moderation for a complete process FMEA free of charge. So that in the end you not only have a tool, but also motivated and trained employees.

5-30 Days

Result 3: Complete FMEA within
5-30 days

Four weeks before series production starts, many companies discover that no FMEA has been done or suddenly the certification auditor is at the door. In this situation, we can act simply and quickly, so that nothing stands in the way of a smooth production any more.

FMEA completely implemented within 4 weeks

We have the concepts and tools with which we can easily set up an FMEA within 2 to 4 weeks.

How to master your impact analysis with ease using Audimus

1. Arrange appointment

Arrange a non-binding initial appointment to analyze your potential and get free access to our FMEA-Designer tool.

2. Initial appointment

If we discover potential for improvement together, we will arrange a follow-up appointment with one of our FMEA experts so that you can get to know our software.

3. Strategy

Learn specifically how to save up to 75% of your FMEA software costs and have the FMEA ready in a few weeks. Production losses due to missing FMEA certification can be avoided.

What can you expect during the initial appointment?

Together with you, we will find out which improvement possibilities and cost savings are basically possible for you

Meanwhile, you learn:

Audimus Consulting again awarded Top Consultant

Audimus Consulting has made the leap into the ranks of the best medium-sized consultants and now they have been considered the leading experts in the fields of FMEA, quality management and information security consulting for years. Since the company was founded in 2015, the Saarbrücken-based consultants have already equipped and supported hundreds of customers with their FMEA Designer.

Audimus' FMEA tool has accordingly established itself as the most efficient and cost-effective alternative on the market, and has been able to save their customers millions in additional costs overall. Many of their customers appreciated above all the interaction of tool and moderation. Thanks to first-class training and, upon request, audits performed, these companies secured valuable time and saved many resources.

Meet the team

Christian Frisch

Q-Auditor & Automotive Core Expert
Christian Frisch puts his foot down and is hard to stop. He is now one of the best consultants and auditors and still has a lot planned - but also a lot behind him, namely his wife and two children.

Jan Schumacher

He himself says that what he loves about his job is thinking through complex systems and processes. In his free time, he is passionate about cooking, covering longer distances on his bike and has developed a passion for "backpacking" trips.

Stefan Liebig

Account Management
Stefan Liebig has a good connection to our customers and takes care of a comprehensive support. In this way, he ensures that you receive an offer that is precisely tailored to your needs.

Jonas Rouenhoff

Team Assistance
We came to his attention through a career guidance program, and at Audimus Consulting he supports anyone who needs help.

Nadine Haßdenteufel

Marketing & Team Assistance
For Audimus Consulting, she is on the web working with the whole team to come up with fresh ideas for our social media channels.

And many more...

What is the difference between an Audimus project with FMEA Designer and other database systems?


Audimus & FMEA Designer

Find out how to completely finish the FMEA in 2-4 weeks to the new harmonized standard

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